Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A List of Educator/Education Advocate Bloggers and Social Media Mavens I Admire...

This second post is about educators' blogs and online (social media) contributions I very much admire. Their content is phenomenal, and I very much enjoy delving into their "classroom world" when reading.

Krissy Venosdale is a brilliant friend of mine who lives in the Houston, Texas area. She is a tremendous gifted education advocate and is immensely inspirational. When you type "inspirational educator quotes" in Pinterest, you often see her photography as well as words of affirmation that uplift your spirit. I love how she writes about her daughter and how she has evolved as an educator because of her. Krissy delves into philosophy and very much admires Sir Ken Robinson's TED talks as much as I do. Besides that, I have loved seeing her blog posts about space education for years. The two times we have hung out both related to astronomy. She is one of the thirty-seven contributors to my new domains later this summer. 

Jennifer Runde has a wealth of information to offer the blogosphere. Every post she writes is loaded with pertinent and interesting information for how to carry out innovative lessons. She is VERY thorough. For years, I have very much been inspired by her math journaling posts, and my friend Gale (an elementary math coach in my district) has been blown away by her content as well. She is one of the best Teachers Pay Teachers sellers I have come across.. In addition to Krissy, she is also a part of my thirty-seven person team who will be contributing to the upcoming domains!

Humble, innovative, and genuine are three words that describe Joan Otto, another contributor to the upcoming domains. Joan is an advocate of unschooling and has one of the most cutting-edge educational blogs (in my opinion). She is a phenomenal author who captivated my attention when she wrote about what propelled her to homeschool her daughter Sarah a few years ago. Her philosophies intrigue me, and she is an all around FUN person who I cannot wait to hang out with sometime. 

Now onto a Facebook group-- Andrea Logue's fifth grade science lab. I still don't remember how I came across her group, but as soon as I discovered it, I thought, You know what? You can achieve the sensational things she does with her students. In my opinion, seeing photos of a teacher using a blowtorch to demonstrate a chemistry concept is beyond epic. I love how she showcases her innovation; I can tell her students respect her greatly for being a HANDS-ON science teacher. I cannot wait to get to know her better over time. She is amazing! (I don't state things like this lightly!)

Franki Sibberson and Mary Lee Hahn inspire me in the realm of literature. They have a weblog called "A Year of Reading". A few summers ago, I read one of Franki's books cover-to-cover-- and implemented some of her ideas the following year. I have never contacted her, but if she sees this... I REALLY love the fact she and Mary Lee maintain a weblog. 

Getting Smart is a very tech-forward weblog that is immensely convenient, informative, and simply... wonderful. Reading it has really gotten me on the up-and-up when it comes to educational technology. 

Scholastic's Top Teaching weblog has featured some tremendous educators over the years, from Angela Bunyi to Beth Newingham to Erin Klein of Kleinspiration, which is another tech-forward and wonderful weblog I cannot cease mentioning this evening. Erin has always been innovative in her approaches-- and Angela and Beth TRULY impacted the way I teach (more than they will ever realize). Needless to say, some phenomenal ideas are posted on Scholastic that should not be overlooked. Scholastic is top-notch and has been a pivotal component of my life as an educator over the years because of their generosity and optimism.

Then there is Lisa Conrad, who moderates the #gtchat on Twitter weekly. After seeing her presentation about Twitter at the Texas Gifted and Talented Conference this past December, I learned a LOT about Twitter. She is also among my thirty-seven contributors. Her insight is genuine, inspirational, and exquisite!

p.s. Sidney, an intermediate gifted educator in Canada, is my first follower so far. She is a part of the domain team as well! (Needless to say, I am very blessed.) 

Thank you for reading this list of some of my very favorite weblogs (and Facebook groups) online. What are yours? I would love to read your weblog if I have never come across it before. 


  1. You are so sweet. Thank-you so much! However, I just have to say how absolutely BLOWN AWAY I am by you! Yours is one of the first truly phenomenal sites I came across ... and it is teachers like you that inspire me daily.


  2. Aww, thank you so much - not just for your kind words, which are amazing, but for the faith you give me in teachers! I sincerely wish Sarah could have had you as a teacher - I think our journey would have been very different. I love you for who you are, and for loving and inspiring your students!

  3. Jen and Joan, I could not be ANY more honored to have you two as a part of the domain planning team. You are both invaluable assets! =) I cannot WAIT to spoil the two of you as well as the other thirty-four as much as I am able. I believe we will be brimming with innovation and (as my fifth graders say) pure awesomeness.

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words! You are so sweet! What you're doing here with this site is amazing. Let me know how my husband and I can help with anything. We'll be a little busy for a while with a new baby in the home, but I'd love to be a part of this!

  5. Oh, Andrea, I very much would like having you and your husband join a part of our creative team. I initially didn't ask you because of your daughter's arrival, but... there is going to be an entire domain dedicated to science, and well... that is your forte! You ran through my mind and made me confirm this team is EVEN MORE amazing now. So... welcome!!