Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jasztal's Resource Spotlight (#2):: Showcasing Phenomenal Educators Online!

This evening, with Jasztal's Resource Spotlight,  I am showcasing some weblogs and websites I have found recently that are phenomenal and impressive in my eyes. This feature will be a part of the weblog every once in a while.

Since the new domains that will debut are geared toward K-12, I am beginning to work hard in finding blogs and sites for a wider audience (than the usual upper elementary audience I seek out).

  • Mind/Shift:: This blog is ALL ABOUT educational reform, challenging students, offering students phenomenal opportunities, and thinking outside the box! Innovative... I found this mentioned on Twitter either one or two days ago and have been affixed since. 
  • Dan Meyer:: This high school math teacher has maintained his weblog for almost a decade. I am highly impressed with the variation of his posts, his interesting ideas, and his unique humor interjected here and there. Even though I teach fifth grade, I feel I can learn a lot from his weblog. His weblog is one I am going to showcase for sure on the new website. 
  • Sprout Classrooms:: Katie Uppman has debuted a fantastic new weblog as well. She is a fifth grade teacher in California-- and her posts so far have been VERY high quality, particularly her one about math performance tasks. She has also been so supportive as I have planned the domains! 
  • Teaching With a Mountain View:: I am a huge fan of Mary's Teachers Pay Teachers store-- and I will admit it, I am kind of picky when it comes to choosing what I incorporate in my classroom! Her products are high-quality and interesting, and I love how her weblog offers a great deal of variation. She has some images of wonderful anchor charts on her blog as well. 
  • Ladybug's Teacher Files:: She has some gorgeous, visually appealing products on Teachers Pay Teachers-- and her weblog is a trillion percent high-quality/WOW!!! as well. When you see her products, you KNOW they are hers. 
  • Mrs. Harris Teaches:: Jessica Harris spent five years teaching elementary school, and now she teaches high school physics. I found her weblog when I searched for science teacher weblogs... and... she made a science teacher Blog Hop! She has some great quality posts and WONDERFUL Pinterest boards as well! I found her today. 
  • Joy in the Journey:: I am quite impressed with the teacher (Jessica Lawler) who maintains this weblog! I discovered her this afternoon when I joined Bloglovin'. She has a fabulous layout, for starters, and she incorporates some neat art lessons in her fifth grade classroom. "Fuel Your Faith Fridays" is also an inspirational and neat component of her weblog.
  • Young Teacher Love:: I'd like to say Kristine came across my old weblog about two years ago... and I thought she was awesome as well. Immediately. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and has offered so much for the education world. She also teaches fifth grade! 
  • Teaching to Inspire in 5th:: Jennifer Findley is super-cool as well! I have purchased a number of her products over time-- and my students love them. She is immensely knowledgeable and has done so much as well as contributing to the online education world. 
  • All Things Upper Elementary:: I just found this weblog yesterday or the day before, I believe. I am impressed with it because it is a collaborative weblog and there are some great minds behind it. There are a lot of Teachers Pay Teachers products showcased, but there are free resources as well and wonderfully detailed instructions for carrying out the activities. 
  • Tales from a Traveling Teacher:: When I visited Kelli's weblog, it had some neat components! Her weblog is for the younger elementary audience (kindergarten through second grade). One of them is... Wordless Wednesday. I like how she approaches her posts and the products she showcases. She obviously incorporates a lot of travel elements in her weblog as well. 
  • Got to Teach:: (Link to Facebook group) This person (next to Jennifer Runde and Teaching with a Mountain View) has some of the best products out there, too-- namely her "Depth and Complexity" set. I believe she teaches gifted as well-- and well, her products have just the right amount of rigor for my fifth-graders! 
Also, please reference my first post about bloggers and social media mavens I admire! 

If you are featured in either of these first two posts (or any of my future posts), you may take the image below and put it on your weblog, if you would like.


  1. Aw! This is so awesome, Victoria! I appreciate your kind words so much!! I agree that many of the educators you wrote about are AMAZING! I am humbled to be included! :)

    1. I remember you well!! I kind of disappeared from the Internet for a while, thinking about what I want to accomplish online as an educator. I will debut new domains this summer, one dedicated to science and then one still with the name Teachingvision like I used to have, but .net and not .org (which is gone now). There are so many amazing educators out there! =) I cannot wait to feature even more as time progresses!

  2. Thank you so very much Victoria!! I am honored to be mentioned with such incredible bloggers! Thanks for the kind words about my blog and printables :) :)

  3. No, thank YOU!! =) I know tons of people who very much admire your beautiful, high-quality products and contributions. Upper elementary love!

  4. Thank you Victoria!! What a wonderful message to receive! Made my day!! I've been going through your entire blog now! So happy you found me!


    1. You're welcome! =) I am excited to "meet" you!