Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jasztal's Resource Spotlight (#3)-- More Tremendous Social Media Mavens!

This Sunday, with Jasztal's Resource Spotlight,  I am showcasing someMORE weblogs and websites I have found recently that are phenomenal and impressive in my eyes. The last feature was a week ago, and a lot of friends liked the list. So here are some more weblogs, social media accounts, and more I am SO impressed with at the moment. Some people I've known about for a while, and others, I have known for just a short time. Anyway, here goes!
  • The Science Penguin-- Ari, an upper-elementary educator, offers so many tremendous resources for both math and science in her Teachers Pay Teachers store. The best, in my opinion, is the daily science review file; it certainly helped prepare my students for their state test last month! 
  • I'm Lovin' Lit-- Erin is another Teachers Pay Teachers seller who offers numerous advanced resources for upper elementary educators. The first time I ever saw a resource from her was the grades 5-6 file "A Roller Coaster Day". I really like how she offers numerous book reviews at her blog-- I haven't seen that feature often and may eventually do something similar (with resources in general) at this weblog. 
  • All Things Upper Elementary-- This is a wonderful collaborative weblog. The posters I know (of) are 4Mula Fun (Jennifer), Teaching to Inspire in 5th (Jennifer), Yearn to Learn (Denise), and Miss Math Dork (Jamie). There are a half a dozen or so other phenomenal bloggers as well! Great ideas are posted here! 
  • Be Wanderlost-- Sara's new weblog is dedicated to her upcoming opportunity teaching kindergarten in Italy. (She's currently a second grade teacher in Arizona.) She's a part of my upcoming domain team, and I am VERY much looking forward to hearing about her adventures. Her dreams of teaching abroad are coming true!
  • Finding JOY in Sixth Grade-- When you look up "altruistic", "gentle", "compassionate", "tender-hearted", and so many other words up in the dictionary, I bet Kim's face comes up SOMEWHERE. She's one of the nicest bloggers I known in my years of blogging. (She will also be a part of the upcoming domain team!) 
  • Gifted Exchange-- This impressive weblog from the Davidson Exchange offers countless insights about gifted education.
  • Techy Things Teachers Should Try-- This weblog is FIRST-RATE and is becoming one of my top five favorite weblogs... ever. Technology Integration Specialists from a school district in Texas started it-- and nobody should miss the opportunity to read their wonderful posts. 
  • Technoliteracy-- Molly Shields is an adjunct professor at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida-- which is where I attended college. I am VERY honored to be an alum of Flagler, and though I would do anything to promote whatever one at Flagler publishes, her blog would be utterly tremendous even if she weren't there. She has her students maintain weblogs, which impressed me the most of all. Her projects also seem interesting. (How I found her-- I happened to stumble across her Twitter profile!)
  • Teaching Tammy-- I REALLY like Tammy Neil, who teaches secondary math, and I haven't even known her for long. She is the moderator of the FL Educators Twitter chat (#FLedChat)-- and I happened to come in for the first time last Wednesday evening. She also contributes to the technology chat I participate in on Monday evenings. 
  • Box Breakout-- Dennis Dill is another person I recently connected with via Twitter, and PASSION for teaching history literally bursts through his posts at his weblog as well as his tweets. I love his enthusiasm and how he makes constant connections to his teaching when he sees everyday things. He participates in #FLedChat as well.
Note-- Here are the other educators I have showcased so far at this weblog! More coming soon!

If you are featured in any of these showcase posts, you may take the image below and put it on your weblog, if you would like. Have a wonderful week!


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    1. You're welcome! Enjoy the last part of your weekend! =)

  2. I am honored to be listed here. I am excited about all the connections I have made to other fabulous educators (like yourself) from around the world.

    1. Agreed 1,000%! I cannot believe all the sensational educators I have met online in nine of my ten years of teaching having websites, weblogs, etc. =)