Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Every Year is a Clean Slate

Why, hello. It's been a while. It has been the busiest summer of my life, to be honest. I have traveled, exercised, worked on two new websites that will launch later this fall, and spent quality time with family and friends. It was a much-needed rejuvenation.

The time of year has approached where I will begin "living" in my classroom, organizing and decorating before I meet my new fifth graders on the evening of August 14th at Open House. Soon, you will see an entire photo gallery spotlighting my space and travel-themed decor (for the 150th time, it seems, though it is only my eleventh year of teaching) as well as my organization. My space is a nice one with floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves, which I believe will work out well. Since I am in a new room, all my stuff has been crammed into my closet... and I cannot wait to reunite with "Rhyme and Reason" sometime while perfecting my space. (Yes, I am somewhat nerdy for my Phantom Tollbooth reference.)

This year will be different in a few ways-- 
1. I have learned a great deal about Makerspaces and am going to try to incorporate technology in ways I have not before.
2. I am putting a great deal of effort into my website(s) this year, where I didn't last year.
3. I am primarily concentrating on Math and Science. I am team-teaching; the teacher next door will be focusing on Language Arts.
4. Our school is incorporating Whole Brain Teaching this year. I am starting small... and I think I like the way things are looking.

Essentially, I love how every year is a clean slate. There are going to be organizational and management changes as well. I believe my students will enjoy their space, my challenges, and the decisions I have made regarding rules and procedures. I cannot wait to reveal more!

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