Friday, November 28, 2014

Product: Winter Festival! A 40-Question Math Game for Grades 4-6+

Hello, readers!

I am shaking the dust off this weblog and hopefully rejuvenating something wonderful! I have not been a part of Teachers Pay Teachers for quite some time, though I have thought about it the past few months and feel excellent about coming back to the scene. 

This past week and particularly this morning, I have worked on finalizing my first file in quite some time! Plenty more will be coming!

It costs $4.00. 

This 40-question set of holiday- and winter-related questions is sure to captivate your students' attention! This 14-page packet includes a three-page answer key with explanations about the solving process and three problem-solving pages as well for the most challenging questions from the game. 

The questions fall into these categories-- 
Decimal Multiplication
Measurement Conversion
Double/Multi-Digit Multiplication 
Decimal Division
Long Division
Fractions/Simplest Terms
Surface Area

Here is the first question from the set--
Hot cocoa with marshmallows was sold in the cafeteria the evening of the Winter Festival. 598 cups of hot cocoa were sold for .75 each. How much money was made off of the hot cocoa sales? 

Here is the second question from the set--
2. Snow was brought in to the festival so families and students could enjoy snowball fights. The snow was put into an area that is 30 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 5 inches deep. In inches, what is the volume of the area where the snow was transported? 
12 inches= 1 foot

Here are my explanations for the solution to questions 1 and 2--
1. Decimal Multiplication: You need to multiply 598 x .75 to solve this problem. The answer is $448.50. 
2. Volume, Measurement Conversion: You need to convert the two measurements in feet to inches first. 12 inches are in 1 foot. 30 feet is equivalent to 360 inches, and 50 feet is equivalent to 600 inches. 5 inches does not need to be converted. You now need to multiply 360 x 600 x 5 to find the volume of the area, which equals 1,080,000 cubic inches. 

Many of the problems are multi-step and correlate with Common Core standards, particularly fifth and sixth grade. 

There are numerous ways in which you can use the game questions. I am sketching a game board where kids "navigate" through the "winter festival", though two no-prep solutions are using the cards for Scoot and an around-the-room scavenger hunt (20 at a time for two days). 

I hope you enjoy this file!


  1. I'm excited that you're coming back to TpT. I just put a couple items in my cart for the sale on Monday.


    1. Thank you so much, Heather! =) I think this will be an exciting journey! I will check out your offerings, and I hope my store will be beneficial for people as well.