Saturday, November 29, 2014

Quick Ideas! Surface Area with Wrapping Paper

On the forefront... Quick Ideas, Holiday 2014 Edition!

The premise of Quick Ideas is to share an idea that takes minimal preparation that meets a standard you are required to teach. Quick Ideas will be posted at the start of every month.

The linky is at the bottom of this post... and on your page, you can either just provide the link to this page or the link along with the image at the top of the post. I cannot wait to see the holiday-related ideas that are going to be shared!

Note: Although you may have seen where people have linked to Teachers Pay Teachers products, that is not what I want done. Please write a post about a quick idea you can use in your classroom. Read below to see what I have written as a "quick idea" suggestion. Thanks. 

The quick idea I am sharing is about... Surface Area and Wrapping Paper. It is appropriate for grades 4-6.

I actually wrapped my first holiday gift last night. I usually am not that efficient; normally I begin wrapping a week before Christmas and crank things out at the last minute. While I was wrapping, I realized I purchased the kind that had the square inch grid on the back. Although the grid is intended for cutting straight lines, it can also be used to review surface area.

Let's say you show your students a 12 in. x 12 in. x 12 in. box that has a surface area of 864 square inches. (There are six sides with dimensions of 12 x 12, or an area of 144 square inches.) You then know if you were to wrap your box without any slack at all, you would need an area that consists of exactly 864 squares. You can cut six 12 x 12 arrays and tape them to the box or cut a net that perfectly meets the dimensions of the box.

That is my Quick Idea for December 2014!

Our list for December 2014 is as follows...

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