Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sensational, Hands-On Math Workshop Resources for Grades 3-8

This post is from three years ago, but it is still so very applicable! Enjoy!

This weblog will begin with a focus on math workshop for grades 3 through middle school. Hands-on math has become more of an initiative in the past few years. It has seemed more simple for primary teachers (grades K-2) and more challenging for intermediate/middle school teachers (grades 3 and up). However, there are sensational resources online that can help make your math curriculum more dynamic!

Exemplary Websites That Will Lead You In The Right Direction:
  • Math Resources from MathLearnNC: This website is the creme de la creme of incredible math websites. If you have never visited this website, it is appropriate for the elementary level, yet a lot of ideas can be adapted for middle school students. There are "Week by Week Mathematics Essentials" (with Calculator Riddles, games, and problems (brain teasers) that can be cut and pasted in journals), "Classroom Strategies" with more games and examples, and "Grade Level Indicators". I have used many of the fourth- and fifth-grade resources for my classroom resource drawers that I fill with games. 
  • Johnnie's Math Website: I admire this individual. The math videos and games that are linked are absolute top-notch. The best thing is that there is an entire section including middle school math resources.
  • Know Which Literature Teaches Which Math Skills: Need a list of math picture books and which skills they review? I find this to be an extremely useful resource. Developed by the Miami-Dade school district.
  • Articles by Marilyn Burns: So much is including here about math journaling, games, and hands-on math in general.
  • Math for Multiple Intelligences: "How a middle-school math teacher realized she was boring and jump-started her career- and her students."
  • Classroom Lessons on Math Solutions (Marilyn Burns' website) 
  • Mrs. Beck's Math Real Life Connection Problems (Printables from Google Docs) 
  • See my upper elementary math finds on Pinterest. (Over 200 pins!) 
Make Your Own Manipulatives:
  • A phenomenal idea is to make different puzzle cubes from wooden cubes found in craft stores. Soma cubes are one example where you construct 7 different figures that fit together to make a larger cube. All you need are the small wooden cubes from the craft store and a glue gun to make several kits for your classroom. You need 27 small cubes for each kit. Another variation is the diabolic cube (scroll down a bit on this page to see the figures you need to construct), conway cube, and kinder cube. If you want to know even more, check out the Puzzle Play book from AIMS. As I stated earlier, the challenges in there are extraordinary!
Of course, you can always check into more hands-on math curriculums like Investigations and Everyday Math as well. Remember, some resources on here were better for third-graders and others were better for eighth-graders, but hopefully you benefitted from this post!

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