Friday, December 5, 2014

Read this article sometime.

A month ago, my friend at work shared this article with me-- I have been thinking about it quite a lot, and I want to see what you think. It's about educators reaching out to those who are encountering loneliness.


  1. This if off the topic of your post, but I was wondering if you ever took your students on a S.T.E.M. skating field trip. I noticed that one of our skating rinks in Tampa offers that type of field trip and it sound wonderful. Have you tried it before? Here's a link to one by me, but I'm sure there must be trips like this around the country.

    1. Thanks for telling me, April! I have never done so. It sounds pretty awesome. Maybe we could even do one as an after-school or weekend event. Do the people at the skating rink talk about the science behind the skating while the kids are there? I am most definitely not far from you... actually two counties north! Which grade do you teach, by the way? - Victoria

    2. I see, it's a three-hour program! Your location may be the closest United Skates I can visit, actually. Tampa's location is the only Florida location. =)

  2. It looks like they offer a class along with skating afterward. I have not actually been to a class there before, but our school (which is just literally minutes away) has been skating there for Christmas before. A previous blog post you had on S.T.E.M. got me to thinking about incorporating more of this. Actually about 2 years ago or so, a prospective parent came and visited my classroom and asked if I did S.T.E.M. and I'm embarrassed to say that I did not even know what it was at the time. But I've loved reading about it more on here. I like the idea that you put out there to incorporate one video, lab, song, and Inquiry-driven lesson for each standard.
    I teach a combo class...third and fourth.