Monday, December 1, 2014

Resources That Speak Volumes about Surface Area and Volume

I know, I know, I just got quite the eyeroll in attempting to be "punny".

December is the month when I introduce surface area and volume. Every year, I try to rejuvenate what I do or "reinvent the wheel", to extents, to see if I can more thoroughly cover a topic. I am pretty impressed with some things I have seen out there. Here are some resources I am considering...

Volume, Surface Area, and Scale Game-- This game for grades 4+ from TpT seller Nancy Hughes looks downright interesting! The premise is that students "capture" properties by finding the surface area and volume of the buildings on the game board. Some of the buildings have decimals and fractions involved, so that adds to the challenge and rigor. Since Cyber Monday is tomorrow and there is a sale at the website, I am VERY excited about purchasing this resource!

I have also had my eyes on this resource from Kate Bing for more than a year now. I like how she delves into middle school math for my students who need a challenge. Not only are there pages about rectangular prisms and cubes, there are other figures like pyramids as well in the mix. Besides that, there is the I Have/Who Has surface area/volume activity from Got to Teach, one of my favorite sellers ever. Last in the world of TpT, One Stop Teacher Shop has a fabulous resource here that I may purchase with the other three just to feel... immensely lucky about one of my very favorite topics in math. I like the idea of putting the questions in a container that was originally for tennis balls or Pringles can like she shows in the preview.

I love considering all kinds of resources, so I have looked into videos, other printables, other games, and online tutorials as well. Check them out below!


User: Mr. Maisonet:

Games/Interactive Questions: 
- Cube Perspective Game
- Rags to Riches "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" Game-- Volume 
- Brainingcamp-- Real-World Connections
- Interactivestuff-- 3D Boxes

- NCTM-- An excellent way to visualize surface area and volume
- Brainingcamp Tutorial-- Surface Area
- BBC Bitesize-- Volume Tutorial
- Interactive Tutorial
- Volume-- Scholastic Study Jams
- Surface Area-- Scholastic Study Jams

- Measuring Three Dimensions-- You can go way beyond to incorporate the calculation of surface area and volume.
- "Math Art" Volume Project-- Skyscraper
- This is an idea I have used before-- Students can construct prismatic structures and have a "museum" where they go around the room to one another's stations to find surface area/volume.
- Deriving inspiration from this blog post, students can make their own nets for surface area of rectangular prisms with graph paper.
- Another neat idea is to give students a sheet with just answers and then have them go around the room (in a scavenger hunt) to measure different prismatic objects.
- Isometric Drawings, Volume, and Surface Area Challenges-- Could become number five in my download set. I found this later into the post. STUNNING and challenging, my dear Watson...
- Unique Soda Box Lesson for Surface Area and Volume from

- Setting the Stage with Geometry from Scholastic-- These are VERY challenging, but they are wonderful for enrichment purposes.
- EngageNY Resources for Surface Area and Volume-- Intended for grade 6, but just fine for grade 5, in my opinion.

- Image I may use to challenge my students' thinking a bit...
- A very good anchor chart (unknown source)

Hope this helps you with current or upcoming surface area/volume lessons in your math class!

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