Sunday, December 7, 2014

Unique STEAM Field Trip Opportunities

A person who visited my weblog just got me thinking about STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) field trip experiences. She brought up a skating rink in Tampa (Florida) called United Skates that has a one-hour science course followed by two hours of skating. Here is the link to the program because there are numerous United Skates locations across the nation.

We do a few STEAM-related trips over the course of the year... we visit Busch Gardens in the spring to learn about the physics behind roller coasters and other theme park rides. We also have attended the University of South Florida Engineering Expo, which my Technology Club students will have the opportunity to do on the weekend and my fifth graders may have the opportunity to do during the week. Also, my Technology Club students will head to USF in the not-too-distant future to visit various departments on campus, one of them being the Physics department.

I am wondering... what kind of STEAM field trips have your students embarked on? Was your field trip a specific program or something you had to tailor to make it a STEAM-powered adventure?

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